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My poetry collection, Labor Day, is available from Golias Books. You can also find my poems in a collaborative Small Press chapbook, Maths Poems; in the Poetry Project’s magazine, The Recluse; in Fence; and elsewhere. For UK copies of Labor Day, get in touch via the contact form below.


I translate from Spanish and Portuguese and teach the translation of literature and art writing (among other things). Find some of my translations at The Iowa Review, Jukub: Poems from Chiapas for the Reverse Conquest, and Bailliwik or read an interview with me about teaching translation.


My recent book, Material Poetics in Hemispheric America: Words and Objects 1950-2010, is available from Edinburgh University Press. I write about 20th and 21st century art and poetry in the Americas. More about my research can be found here and here.


Rebecca Kosick co-directs the Bristol Poetry Institute and founded the Indisciplinary Poetics Research Cluster at the University of Bristol. She has a PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University.

Rebecca is the author of Labor Day (Golias Books 2020) and Material Poetics in Hemispheric America: Words and Objects, 1950-2010 (Edinburgh University Press 2020) and has published numerous articles, essays, and other fragments that address, translate, or are themselves poetry.

She grew up in Michigan, occupied Potawatomi lands.



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